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Tue Feb 1 20:00:21 UTC 2011

On Se shanbe, Bahman 12, 1389 04:51:19 pm Ferenc Gergely Szilagyi wrote:
> Hello,
Hello Ferenc, and welcome.

> I have read on Planet KDE that you are looking for PHP / HTML coders.
> I am a long time user of KDE and I really would like to give something
> back. If you give some pointers on where to start, I would be more
> than willing to get myself involved!
> I am a PHP developer by profession, working for one of the biggest
> ISPs of my home country.
There are basically two ways of giving a hand:

1) Help us move KDE websites to new style (we call it chihuahua). There are 
still about 50 websites using the old style which need to use the new 
For example, uses new template, but 

2) Help us write new web applications the KDE project needs. For example, we 
are planning to create a web application for managing KDE developer sprints.
(more details on this particular project on )

Please note that there are some floss projects we use for our websites, for 
example mdiawiki for all wiki's and phpbb for forums. We have some custom 
plugins and themes for them, so you also have the opportunity to help kde and 
learn them at the same time.

You should also join us on #kde-www on freenode (irc chat) because most of our 
disucssions happens there.

> Best regards,
> Ferenc Gergely Szilagyi
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