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Tue Apr 26 14:02:44 UTC 2011


Basically you are already nailing what we plan. Having a modular
> webapp where we can plug new additions in. Not sure about the JS part
> though, but as nothing really is started yet, this needs to be
> evaluated.

The key drawbacks of systems  made in modules are
* Modules are not (easily) reusable in other systems.
* Large overheads, since hooking, module loading/managing etc requires extra
work, that can be avoided.

But by no means I'm suggesting NOT to have modular webapp. Just to make
sure, its the best solution for that case (considering external factors)

Personally i prefer not the same look, but at least some basics in
> common (corporate identity, not design).

Since its AJAX, not iFrames, CSS lets you apply any custom style on top at
no time.

> > * Getting social
> > Having to register to comment on each site is a known problem. Not for
> long
> > :)
> Identity is not a single sign in system, but a single sign on. So you
> still need to log in, even though there is only one place to register.
> Important point!

But it can be done?

Overall, yes, sounds good. Details would need to be evaluated. Would
> you like to attend our webworld sprint? Some seats got empty. Might be
> a good opportunity to meet and make something happen ;)

I'll reply personally to you.


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