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You’re probably guessing right, this letter has nothing to do with food :)

As far as I heard, the overhaul of kde www ecosystem is being planned. One
thing I know for sure - its impossible to create a single CMS/tool fitting
needs of
any/every kde domain. And creating tools for each individual case is boring,
as lots of code is almost the same.

Instead, it would make sense to split those repeating elements into separate
mini projects and “assemble” them back to web page at the browser level with
Java Script.  To make it clear, think of comment forms, recent posts, top
application lists, recommend buttons, related community blogs, whatever. The
similar idea is already implemented by e.g. facebook as the social

The key benefits:

** Consistency*
Having same look and feel everywhere
** Getting social*
Having to register to comment on each site is a known problem. Not for long
** Easy to integrate*
As long as we have write access to sites theme, any element is inegrateble
** Easier cross project maintenance.*
Since adding features done by adding a few html lines, even radical element
changes wont break things up.
** Easy to replace with better alternatives.*
In case if projects like Diaspora become reliable alternative, KDE-www wide
integration could be made smoothly.
** Faster page loads*
As long as JS is loaded at the bottom of the page, the key content will be
loaded faster, while supporting elements loads in the background.
** Less dependency on single programing language/platform*
most elements could be developed as separate projects, best one with most
contributors could be chosen on individual case (no more PHP ws Ruby ws
Python... flames).

Since comments
element is primary target to test the idea. Add identity integration,
RSS/email subscription, BB code, syntax highlighting and even
bugs.kde.orgcould use make use of it :)

Would this approach be feasible?


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