[Bug 257218] userbase.kde.org not appearing in English Google

Owen owen.riddy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 03:34:15 UTC 2010


--- Comment #4 from Owen <owen riddy gmail com>  2010-11-23 04:34:14 ---
When I filed this bug, I was hoping that someone would have access to Google
Analytics, and check it to confirm that either:
a) there was a problem with the Userbase's pagerank
b) I'm just bad at googling, with a counter-example

links:userbase.kde.org suggests that the userbase wiki is mostly invisible to
google. I don't think a reasonable search exists that will find content on the

For reference, I think the KDE userbase should be in the top ten (if it were
being indexed properly) for queries like:
KDE Compose Key
KDE tweaking plasma
KDE Krunner
KDE Mouse Gestures
troubleshooting phonon

I bookmarked http://userbase.kde.org/Phonon because I've had trouble with
phonon and never seen this page before when looking for information. If these
queries are not good enough, can you suggest an example where google will
return an English page from the userbase?
I talked to a friend who suggested that adding http://userbase.kde.org/Phonon
and <meta name="keywords" content="KDE, User base"> might help, but really
someone had to look at Google Analytics.

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