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Andrzej Szelachowski superandrzej at epf.pl
Wed Mar 24 23:51:03 UTC 2010


Is there any chance for the answer?

best regards


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Temat: new design
Data: czwartek 11 luty 2010
Od: Andrzej Szelachowski <superandrzej at epf.pl>
Do: kde-webmaster at kde.org, Adriaan de Groot <groot at kde.org>, Rainer Endres 
<endres at physos.org>, kde-www at kde.org


Could you please consider using different color for already visited/not visited 
links just like in the old design. This would make navigation more efficient and 
would improve the overall experience.

There was similar problem in 2006 but after short discussion Rainer Endres 
changed visited links to #644A9B in the media framework which 
is grape_violet3 from the oxygen palette.




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