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Mon Mar 15 10:09:31 UTC 2010

SVN commit 1103529 by bcooksley:

Add svn logs for 4.1.4, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.2.3, 4.2.4, 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3, 4.3.4, 4.3.5 and 4.4.1.
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 A             4_1_4 (directory)  
 A             4_1_4/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_1_4/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_2_1 (directory)  
 A             4_2_1/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_2_1/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_2_2 (directory)  
 A             4_2_2/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_2_2/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_2_3 (directory)  
 A             4_2_3/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_2_3/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_2_4 (directory)  
 A             4_2_4/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_2_4/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_3_1 (directory)  
 A             4_3_1/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_3_1/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_3_2 (directory)  
 A             4_3_2/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_3_2/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_3_3 (directory)  
 A             4_3_3/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_3_3/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_3_4 (directory)  
 A             4_3_4/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_3_4/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_3_5 (directory)  
 A             4_3_5/kde-l10n.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_3_5/kdewebdev.txt  
 A             4_4_1 (directory)  
 A             4_4_1/kdeaccessibility.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdeadmin.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdeartwork.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdebase.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdebindings.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdeedu.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdeexamples.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdegames.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdegraphics.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdelibs.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdemultimedia.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdenetwork.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdepim.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdepimlibs.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdeplasma-addons.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdesdk.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdetoys.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdeutils.txt  
 A             4_4_1/kdewebdev.txt  

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