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Mon Jul 12 20:33:30 UTC 2010

2010/7/12 Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet at>:
> On Friday 09 July 2010 17:04:15 Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
>> On 9 July 2010 13:06, Cyrille Berger <cberger at> wrote:
>> > On Friday 09 July 2010, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
>> >> Hi,
>> >>
>> >> I've been told at Akademy that the right place for a developer/community
>> >> scratchpad is, so I've moved our pages there. This also
>> >> has the advantage of being maintained by kde, plus it is easier to get an
>> >> account.
>> >>
>> >> Please consider to be deprecated from now on, use
>> >>
>> >
>> > Shouldn't we move the whole koffice wiki too ?
>> While there are advantages you pointed to, I also see now three
>> permanent usability problems: unlike on the original wiki, links are
>> not underlined by default and get nearly black colour and optically
>> it's even more a problem for 'visited' link colour. Also, width does
>> not resemble design of wikipedia, making it suboptimal for purposes of
>> 'technical scratchpad'.
>> Also, mediawiki namespaces are disabled, so searching for "icons"
>> keyword but only for kexi is hard to perform.
>> Even if enabled, user would have to reset the namespace selection e.g.
>> to 'main' from 'kexi' when looking for kexi-related things and set it
>> again to 'main' when looking e.g. for akademy-related things.
>> These are my notes as mediawiki web sites admin.
> Hmmm, certainly good points. Maybe the current team running would be happy with your expertise?

Guys, you are giving me a really hard time! :D _right_ at the moment
we are working on the new mediawiki theme for the kde wikis...
This involves maany changes, basically looking like the kde main site,
but with fluid layout and some adjustments to better fit the wiki
As for the namespaces, didn't check that yet, not sure why they were
disabled in first place. Will do.
Then, techbase and community are soon to be updated, the whole
codebase is very well outdated... Luckily userbase already is updated,
now the 3 wikis (and one more) need to be glued together again. Only
limitation: the manpower...
But like always, you can't be fast enough, someone is always faster to
request it :P
Anyway, thanks for the hints, will be considered.


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