[Bug 204862] Main page adequate for newbies?

Georg Wittenburg georg.wittenburg at gmx.net
Sat Jan 23 10:50:51 UTC 2010


--- Comment #3 from Georg Wittenburg <georg wittenburg gmx net>  2010-01-23 11:50:49 ---
Hi all,

I'm not re-opening this bug to avoid lengthy discussions on a low priority
item. However, I'd like to point out that given the current state of the the
main KDE website (kde.org) I don't think the main issue is resolved (nor are
bugs usually closed due to future work). If I can convince you, please re-open
the bug yourself.

Please do a quick comparison of http://www.kde.org and

Major items on kde.org are:
- a statement about the KDE community and the software it produces
- a big logo linking to the release announcement of the latest major stable
- a list of recent release announcements
- a list of latest news and applications

Major items on getfirefox.com are:
- a system-specific download link
- an interactive lists of advantages of the product, containing screenshots

My point is that newbies (i.e., those users clicking on a link to kde.org
somewhere on the web) find hardly anything of interest on kde.org. We can't
expect them to care about the community nor about release announcements or
news, and only few of them will click on the big logo. In contrast,
getfirefox.com provides a prominent link to what most newbies care about (the
software) and a set of animated reasons why they should download it.

In my humble opinion, KDE is losing out on potential new users because the main
website doesn't present the right information to them.

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