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Maybe we can remove the old site (I was left alone to port to the current style so I did what I could...)

We have data on the website due to the inadequacy of KDE to solve the GHNS server problem before OpenDesktop.org was fully operational (i have raised this problem for years but no solution came up). This data will be gone in the future (KLettres). For Marble I have no idea what is taking so much space.

Sadly I have no clue on what is going on for sub websites like edu in the near future. What style will we use? when? I would like to have highlights about this before the Edu meeting in May so we can work on this and take decisions as a group. Thanks in advance,


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Just a quick note that it would have been much easier to solve this,
and much quicker if checking out www/sites/edu didn't take 1 hour and
11 minutes due to it being 660mb. This is primarily caused by Marble
and KStars as well as the old site. KLettres adds a bit too.


Summary of large space / bandwidth users:

289M    edu/marble
147M    edu/old
103M    edu/kstars
46M     edu/klettres

660M    edu/
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