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Tue Feb 9 23:58:51 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 09 Feb 2010 17:15:18 you wrote:
> Since it looks unlikely that you will find it in the archives, this is what I 
> wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 February 2010 13:21:33 David Jarvie wrote:
> > I agree with Sander that the banner image is too big - my main first
> > impression when I saw the page was, why is so much space taken with this
> > image?
> I think there's a basic misunderstanding about the images.  While the current 
> ones do look a bit like advertising banners, beautiful though they are, the 
> images will change.  They can be used as introductory images to new 
> applications, for instance.  Making them smaller would make no sense.  
> Probably the current long, thin format is why they are being seen as header-
> banners.

If they were used for purposes such as advertising applications, that would be even worse, since they give the impression that they are the main message of the web page. Then KDE would even more seem to be relegated all the more to an afterthought.

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