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David Jarvie djarvie at
Tue Feb 9 13:21:33 UTC 2010

I like the general design concept for the KDE home page. Here are some
comments following on from what Sander Pientka wrote on the usability

I agree with Sander that the banner image is too big - my main first
impression when I saw the page was, why is so much space taken with this
image? It seems designed to be the main message and to relegate the text
to a by-the-way. This is even more emphasised when the menu is displayed -
the text nearly disappears off the bottom of the screen. IMO, the main
message on the page should be to say what KDE is, but it feels like you
have to hunt for this in the "detail" below the image. Note that to a
non-KDE person, when the Akademy image is visible the image won't say
anything obvious about what KDE is, so the text about KDE needs to be more

I liked Sander's suggestion of overlaying the menu over the image, if that
could be made to work.

It would be nicer if the menu would disappear automatically when the mouse
was moved off it - I find it irritating that it stays visible once it has
been displayed, and I didn't discover the toggle menu button until I read
about it on the mailing list. If the menu *has* to be manually switched
off, it would be better to make the toggle button more obviously
associated with it, on the same line as the menu.

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KDE developer.
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