[Bug 237817] Font with german special sign cannot be read under KDE 4.x

Vamp898 vamp898 at web.de
Sat Aug 14 10:02:21 UTC 2010


--- Comment #10 from Vamp898 <vamp898 web de>  2010-08-14 12:02:16 ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> (In reply to comment #8)
> > This is no Bug in KDE, GNU/Linux or whatever, its just Windows´s fault. Windows
> > uses the Microsoft own character encoding instead of the official standard.
> > Your only real chance is to change the char-enc in Windows
> I see you are very clever....
> so then tell me this:
> why it is working, under the Terminal, Gnome, and KDE3.x, but not under
> KDE4.x???
> Yes Problem come from Microsoft, the hate Linux, but the hate the most only
> KDE4.x and so this is an atack only to KDE4.x....
> I think what you tell me is a very big terrible Bullshit

I also have the problem in GNOME/TTY/Whatever too so either you´re just not
clever enough to file a proper bug (and i think you already proofed it)

The test-files you attached are also not readable for me in KDE, GNOME, XFCE,
TTY and whatever but readable by WinE CMD

So the wine CMD, using the Windows standard can read the file and no of my
terminals using UTF-8 can not read the files.

If i change the char-enc in my System i can read them with every Terminal.

So the problem is just that you´re neither able to setup your system correct
nor you want to solve this problem. You want to get proofed that its KDE fault
and not your!

But sry man this is your problem and not related to KDE in any way. Dont blame
KDE for your own disability. Im sorry that i have to say it in this way but
when you start to get personal im gonna too.

And it seems like you dont have the technical skill to get personal to

You´re just a windows hating fanboy but to tell you one thing. Windows is the
best operating system for you. You proofed to everyone hear that your just to
stupid to use a other OS.

And you better shouln´t reply to this thread cause you´re chances to make
something better are less than 1%. This bug is not KDE related in any way and
should be closed.

That it worked/works in KDE3/GNOME is Ubuntu related and not GNOME/KDE3 cause,
as i said, if you compile them by source or use a real distribution they also
dont work cause its a setup issue.

So write your holy master mark Shuttleworth that you hate it that he hates KDE
and so dont take care about Kubuntu at all.

Your problem is setup related and not KDE. If you dont believe im excited to
make a screencast where i show how GNOME/KDE/XFCE and TTY failes to show this
symbols and how it works in KDE4/KDE3/XFCE/GNOME if you have a proper setup

Accept your own incapability and close this bug

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