[Bug 207225] missing building documentation dependencies

Colin Bruce ccx004 at coventry.ac.uk
Sun Sep 13 23:14:56 UTC 2009


--- Comment #2 from Colin Bruce <ccx004 coventry ac uk>  2009-09-14 01:14:55 ---
Dear Anne-Marie,

Thanks for that. Normal service desk arrangements ask the person who reported
the problem whether it is resolved not just give a reply (which is incorrect as
it happens) and then mark it as resolved.

I have already read that document and even have a printed copy just in case I
had missed something on the screen. The dependencies page that is there only
includes a minute fraction of what is required to build KDE. KDE3 and previous
versions used to provide such a list as does most other software. However, it
now seems that KDE4 does not. It would be almost impossible for someone other
than a KDE developer to build such a list so there is no good making it a wiki
and hoping that someone will come along and create it. It is interesting that
there is a great deal of detail about creating accounts in various ways but no
basic information about building the system. I would have thought most people
attempting to build KDE would be perfectly capable of creating an account.

I am sure you are right about reporting syntax errors in KDE (of which I am
sure there are plenty). However, I was not reporting a syntax error rather I
was reporting a documentation error so the devel list would not be the right

Indeed I have found a syntax error in kdebase-4.3.1 which doesn't even compile
almost certainly because some package somewhere is not the right version.
However, in the absence of a list of required software with minimum version
numbers it is virtually impossible for me to continue. In other words KDE is
now a closed source product in all but name.

Best wishes....
Colin Bruce

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--- Comment #1 from Anne-Marie Mahfouf <annma kde org>  2009-09-13 11:46:06 ---
The list of required packages and software tobuild KDE trunk (4.4) is listed on
which is a wiki thus you can modify it to make it up-to-date.

Built issues are not to be reported here anyway, please send a mail to the
kde-devel mailing list 
with the cmake output so we can see what the error really is.

Thanks in advance!

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