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--- Comment #1 from Dario Andres <andresbajotierra gmail com>  2009-09-11 13:48:17 ---
Normal report and/or feedback to the bug tracking system itself can be done if
you report a bug(or wish) against the "bugs.kde.org" product in the same

About the KDE"vs"Distribution version: I think that if the distributions are
providing "old"&"stable" releases, they should "maintain" them too. We don't
have enough manpower to maintain three different versions (4.2,  4.3 (current
stable branch) and 4.4 (current unstable branch/"trunk"). Things move really
fast, that is why we suggest to try the latest stable KDE version to see if a
bug is properly fixed.
Distributions may provide the "old&stable" releases, but they should also
handle their bugs(which could have been fixed in "old&stable"+1.) Sometimes
distributions backport fixes or features from 4.x+1 to 4.x; improving the
"old&stable" packages (and.. sometimes.. they just broke things...)
This is a problem of target, support and how to split up the energy the KDE
team has.

Just my two cents (you should know that is only my personal opinion about this
issue, it may not represent the ideas of other members of the development team)


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