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Will Entriken fulldecent at
Thu Oct 22 11:25:30 UTC 2009

I would recommend making email visibility optional, and setting  
previously collected email to invisible. The new public email  
addresses and info could be put in the KML file and a Google map  

A page that accepts a query parameter and produces a list of all  
developers near a given area would be nice. It would accept a lat/long  
or a text string and use Google geocoding to convert to lat/long. Then  
I could add a form on Getting Started: Enter your location to find  
other KDE contributors near you.

I am volunteering to do any/all work herein.

On 2009-10-22, at 上午1:00, Rainer Endres <endres at> wrote:

> Hi
> Yes, I have the database. I am currently reworking how worldwide is  
> produced.
> Currently, a perlscript produces bitmaps using xplanet out of a  
> textfile edited by me. Timeconsuming and not very transparent.
> The script also produces kml files and some other formats  
> ( including a google map)
> One problem are the e-mails in the database, which I do not want  
> publish in crawlable format. People did not give permission.
> Basically I am not sure where to go with worldwide which is one  
> thing I want some input on at the sprint in November. One reason why  
> worldwide is in hiatus.
> I would like some input here on the list.  Would it be ok to check a  
> version of the database into svn even without the permission of the  
> people who gave their data so far? ( we never asked for it ) I will  
> strip out the e-mail.
> I am not sure why there was this confusion about the maintainers  
> since my e-mail is down on the page. I will change that to kde- 
> webmaster with the "make worldwide work" patch next week.
> Greetings
> Rainer
> Am 21.10.2009 um 15:35 schrieb Will Entriken < at>:
>> On Fri, Sep 8, 2006 at 4:03 PM, Scott Newton <scottn at>  
>> wrote:
>>> The current maintainer is  Rainer Endres <endres at physos dot org>.
>> Hello, do you have access to the data file for the map at
>> I would like to change this into a Google map, and possibly integrate
>> the data with KDE getting

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