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J. Janz jj at
Thu May 7 15:01:30 UTC 2009

I'm just answering to, where, accessing
from Brazil, it says "You seem to be located in BRAZIL (BR). Unfortunately,
we are not aware of any local mirrors in BRAZIL. If you know a KDE mirror
near you, please let us know."

So, I'm informing you guis that, even according to the "all known KDE FTP
mirrors" link ( ) on the same page,
Brazil do have mirrors, both ftp ( ) and http ( ). qt-copy in ftp is a day more updated than in
http but, according to "status of all KDE FTP mirrors" link ( ) still on the same page, both are
in regular sync.

That being, I came to ask you to please update with these data.

Thank you,
JJ (|´:¬{)»
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