2nd Request For Deletion of a Posted Comment

George Caralis typingeorge at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 15:11:03 UTC 2009


This request is being made for the second time.  Remove my thread from 2006
or inform me of my user name and password  please.  With my login name and
password I will remove the thread corresponding to my name myself.


> *The thread, located at the url:
> http://dot.kde.org/2006/02/23/kde-catalan-team-and-catalan-government-work-together:
> *

*reads as follows: *

> * "I agree. Any culture amused by herbivore bulls getting their ear sliced
> off whule still alive, not to mention the needless torture beforehand, is,
> to be nice, despicable. Fuck the stinking Spaniards..."*

  If you require me to travel to KDE and present identification to satisfy
my request, I will comply.

  If you require an attorney to make the request on my behalf, I will
*Please do not hesitate to contact me by email or telephone if further
clarification is needed concerning this critical matter.

Very Respectfully,*

> *
> George Caralis*
> *(+34) 655 154 355*
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