Email visible on bug page and spam

Petr Šmíd petr.smid at
Mon Jun 22 09:13:59 UTC 2009

Hello webmasters,

I used Your bugtracking system and submited one bug
( and
since that time I am getting spam to my e-mail. That is probably because
my e-mail is visible on the page and therefore spammers can easily index

There used to be visible my whole address (petr.smid at Some
time ago this has changed and there is only "petr.smid at".
However that didn't help. (Well, maybe because the spammers have my
address already in their index). And I am getting more and more spam per

I am writing You because my email is almost unuseable now because of the
spam. Could you please remove my address from the bugtracking system? I
still hope that it would help. (Btw. there is no other page on the
internet which contains my address (try googling "petr.smid at"))

Anyway, I think the address shouldn't be visible there at all for any
user. (Nobody wants to be punished for submiting a bug by receiving

Thank You for Your help,

Petr Smid

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