[Bug 194818] upgrade error in kubuntu

A. Spehr zahl at transbay.net
Mon Jun 1 07:34:37 UTC 2009


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            Summary|the backtrace appears to be |upgrade error in kubuntu
                   |of no use.  this is         |
                   |probably because your       |
                   |packages are buiolt in a    |
                   |waywhich prevents creation  |
                   |of proper backtraces.       |
            Product|www.kde.org                 |kde

--- Comment #1 from A. Spehr <zahl transbay net>  2009-06-01 09:34:35 ---
All the information about signals and backtraces are just the framework of the
debugger. If debugging symbols aren't installed, then it tells you that the
information is useless. They likely aren't on the CD you tried, so you don't
have them. And you probably can't install them onto the CD, so it doesn't
matter here. But for next time:
Meanwhile, you can ignore it. 

Anything could be wrong here. *Anything* 

You should try various places where they can help you with debugging:

irc.freenode.org  on #kubuntu (you can use mibbit.com to access)

The release notes might give a clue: 
FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ (from the irc topic :) 

Thanks and good luck!

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