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Thu Jul 9 01:24:29 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 10:55 PM, ese<pfilc9 at> wrote:
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>   Name: ese
>   E-Mail Address: pfilc9 at
>   Subject: mail activation not working when i register
>   Message:
>   Dears to the Webmaster.
>   First wish all good health and easiness in your daily work .
>     I here write about a problem with Registration. I wanted to register in
> the KDE forums sub n "Brain Storming". But when i waited for the 'activation'
> message to my email it didn't work. I checked my spam folder, still not
> working. I tried again to resend the activation mail still no hope.
>    Would you mind to look into this problem please. If this is not related to
> you, please forward my message, i couldn't find a contact link at the Brain
> storming site.
>   Thanks for all
> ese
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Hi ese,
We are unfortunately encountering some issues with the email system,
which can involve mails failing to be sent or being tagged as spam. I
have manually activated the account which was registered using the
address you sent the email with.

Apologies for the problems,
Ben Cooksley
KDE Community Forums Administrator

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