4.2 RC Announcement on www.kde.org, still not statisfied ;)

Frank Hellmuth fhellmut at physnet.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Jan 14 22:38:13 UTC 2009


Thanks for correcting the announcement! As much as I love KDE I think we 
should keep it honestly with the facts. "Thousands of applications brought by 
KDE 4.2" is simply not true.

My KDE SVN build from last night tells me

$ ls kde/bin/ | wc
    306     306    3513

which is by order of magnitude distant from "thousands" even if we count KDE 
internal system apps ...

You see, I'm a nitpicker, sorry for that ;)

On the other side: If I can be helpful for simple jobs drop me a line, it's 
not that I just want to criticize.


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