New mirror VietNam

Mark Ziegler mark.ziegler at
Wed Jan 14 10:37:29 UTC 2009

Am Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009 schrieb Vu Tong Minh:
> Hello,
> We have a new mirror. It is ready. Could you add our link to the mirror
> list?

>     - For becoming a primary mirror, which requirements do we need?
Please read

You may also want to decide if you want your mirror to be a "Primary" one. In 
this case, you must comply with the following criteria:

   1. You must have at least a 100Mbit/s bandwidth pipe
   2. You must mirror the entire KDE server (not just stable)
   3. You must mirror from
   4. You must be subscribed to the kde-mirrors mailing list and must respond 
to changes quickly
   5. During a release week, you must update your mirror every two hours or so


If you find typos or wondering of my short message, this is related to my 
current limited mobility.

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