KDE Artists Website URL, http://www.kde-artists.org/main/, Returns an Unknown Host Error

B. E. Irwin beirwin at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 12 02:05:15 UTC 2009

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009, Sebastian Kügler wrote:

> Hi Barbara,
> On Friday 09 January 2009 00:01:24 Barbara E. Irwin wrote:
>> I am one of the contributors for the Loads of Linux Links project
>> (http://loll.sourceforge.net/linux/links/index.html).  We have a link to
>> the KDE-Artists.org website however, this url returns an unknown host
>> error. It is linked on the main KDE website.  Is this link now on another
>> site?  I would like to continue to include this website on the Loads of
>> Linux Links site.
> kde-artists.org hadn't been maintained for some time as far as I know. The KDE
> artists team has their website at www.oxygen-icons.org. I've fixed the link on
> kde.org/family/. Or did you find it somewhere else?

Thanks for your reply to my query.  I found the link on 
http://kde.org/family/ .  I will change the link.

Barbara Irwin
Victoria, B.C.  Canada
On an island in the Pacific

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