Request For Deletion of a Posted Comment

George Caralis typingeorge at
Sat Feb 21 20:45:28 UTC 2009

*Dear Madam or Sir:

If you would please inform me how to go about achieving the deletion of a
comment posted by George Caralis (myself) on 11/19/2006, I will greatly
appreciate it.

The comment, located at the url:
is as follows:

 "I agree. Any culture amused by herbivore bulls getting their ear sliced
off whule still alive, not to mention the needless torture beforehand, is,
to be nice, despicable. Fuck the stinking Spaniards..."

I greatly regret this reprehensible, provocative comment and would greatly
appreciate your cooperation on this extremely important matter.  Thanks in
advance for your kind help.

Very Sincerely,

George Caralis*
*(+34) 655 154 355*
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