Favicons for *.kde.org

Sayak Banerjee sayakb at ubuntu.com
Sun Feb 8 12:15:47 UTC 2009


Here are some of the pages I noticed that have the old ones:

   - <http://www.kdedevelopers.org/>
   - http://websvn.kde.org/
   - https://bugs.kde.org/
   - http://kdemail.net/
   - http://www.kdedevelopers.org/
   - http://wiki.kde.org/

(that's all from my browser history for January)

Also, discover.kde.org has no favicon. I'd like to work for discover since
it needs a facelift from the KDE4.0 theme. Is there any way I can start? My
SVN acct is: *sayakb*

*Sayak Banerjee*
*Forums: LinuxIsInnovation<http://forum.kde.org/linuxisinnovation-u-2692.html>
IRC: glade88*
*Home: http://www.sayakbanerjee.com*

On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 5:24 PM, Mark Ziegler <mark.ziegler at rakekniven.de>wrote:

> Am Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009 schrieb Sayak Banerjee:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Some time back, we had a post regarding the KDE4 broken favicon at the
> > forums: http://forum.kde.org/showthread.php?tid=22379
> > Plus, quite many KDE sites have the KDE3 logo as it's favicon.
> Some months ago I replaced many, many favicon in SVN with the new one.
> Which sites are using the old one?
> > The ones with the KDE3 favicon can be skipped, as they would be changed
> as
> > the site is updated.
> > But can anything be done about the ones with the KDE4 favicons? Probably
> by
> > creating a new ico file or using a png image (pfft, ie6 users.. :-) )
> Hmmh, any artists reading this list?
> Who can we ask for icon creation/fixing the current one?
> Cheers,
> Mark
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