New dot brings many dead links

Mark Ziegler mark.ziegler at
Sun Feb 8 12:16:02 UTC 2009


Thursday Daniel was closing bug
Now we have a new shiny dot.
But what happens to old links?
So many pages are directing to old dot articles and now the dot returns simply 
"Page not found".

Are there any plans to fix it?
Making redirects?

Please keep links alive!

Another question regarding the dot:
Could somebody please give a little background information.
What engine is powering the dot? CMS?
Where is it hosted? SVN?
What is the content storage format? DB, XML, flatfile?

Why I am asking this?
See my comment on mentionend bug entry:
> If there would be a migration please don't forget to convert all the 
articles. The history of is very useful. I don't know any details 
about zope and it's cms, but I am waiting for some work now for years. I am 
the webmaster of and we often translate news artices to german. But I 
hate to grep the website for articles. I want to get the articles in an XML-
Format. With Drupal I am sure to get this done, cause I can code php a little. 


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