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Wed Aug 5 12:22:47 UTC 2009

Hey mate, your question is phrased oddly which might be why you're not
getting answers elsewhere. this isn't really the place to ask that kind of
question, would be good. You sound new to Linux, and that's
fine. :) I'll attempt to answer your question to get you started.

I think I know what you mean. You're asking if you can run your Microsoft
Windows programs in Kubuntu - including DirectX 10 programs? While you can
run many of your Windows programs, some may not work. Also, at this time,
you cannot run DirectX 10 only programs in Kubuntu. Support for this (in the
program called WINE) is coming soon though. I would suggest you just try
installing your Windows programs (install WINE first) and see if it does the
job for you. You can get more specific help with this at and .

Hope this helps!

On Aug 5, 2009 8:07 PM, <Bkmehlek at> wrote:

 Dear Webmaster,
    I can't find anyone else to have this question answered.  Not even
people on would answer this question.  Is Kubuntu 4.2 and 4.3
compatible with Microsoft Windows application?  Including the apps that
require the DirectX10 graphic program.


that needs help


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