KDE Websites and how to handle them

Ingo Malchow ingomalchow at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 4 16:38:21 UTC 2009


more and more i am getting the impression that people just don't know how and 
where to look for information. So i'd like to raise a new kde-www meeting, 
this way we should be able to finally discuss what to do about it.

So, it would be nice, if all interested persons could come together, like last 

As an example, i was asked how to apply to an svn account. The site in 
question exists, sure, but somehow it needs to handled better. The above is 
only an example of my latest experiences .We see such things regularly also in 
the forums, where people are not sure how to report bugs or do things that, 
after all, are documented. So, let us finally do some discussion on the overall 
kde sites.

Ingo Malchow

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