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Andrew Manson mansona at tcd.ie
Fri Apr 17 17:52:56 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone,

I recently added a link to the techbase to a Google Calendar that i had 
set up to track the KDE Release Schedule for 4.3 but this was taken down 
very soon after. I have been discussing the matter with Tom Albers for a 
little bit of time today and he made a very fair point, although it may 
be nice to have an ICal that people can include into their Calendar 
programs or that we might be able to display in a nice HTML form it 
doesn't really make sense that I should be the only one maintaining this 

To cut a long story short, we eventually came around to the conclusion 
that the way forward might be to develop some sort of framework to host 
ICal files and give the release team access to them so that the 
maintenance would move to ( the more correct ) community driven style. 
So i was hoping to get some discussion going on this one here with you 
guys, what do you think the best solution would be to sort this out?

A quick fix, and maybe a good possible solution, might be to just have 
any calendars that anyone would like to have be hosted on the SVN and 
directly accessible via the HEAD html direct link from websvn. This way 
anyone who had access to ( this part of ) the SVN could add release 
calendars ( or other calendars ) and maintain them.

I tried to commit the ICal that I created with Google Calendar earlier 
on but unfortunately I don't have access to this part of the SVN. Could 
someone please apply the attached patch to the folder 
kde/home/kde/trunk/www/media so that I can try this as a possible 
solution to integrate it into the Techbase.

Andrew Manson
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