To the person responsible for the bug-tracking-web-interface

Diego Iastrubni elcuco at
Fri Apr 17 17:38:26 UTC 2009

Just to save you all a few seconds of reading:

It seems people are not happy with using email=username in bugzilla... 

On Wednesday 15 April 2009 19:03:03 Harry Haller wrote:
> Which * is responsible for using the email-address as the username in the
> KDE-bug-tracking-system ??? And for storing/representing this address
> mashine-readable to these fuckin' russian-spam-bots too ???
> To this person: Have You ever thought about Your decisions previously ???
> What do You get for selling us to the russian mafia, Mr. Ischariot ??? How
> often do You want to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella to clean
> You from this absloutely avoidable, senseless, crazy and thumb misconduct
> ??? How long more will You take to finally abolish this untenable state ???
> Harry Haller
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