Outdated information on http://kopete.kde.org/index.php?page=buildtips

Andy Goossens andygoossens at pandora.be
Fri Sep 12 12:38:35 UTC 2003

On Friday 12 September 2003 13:57, Andreas Simon wrote:
> on http://kopete.kde.org/index.php?page=buildtips
> there are some notes for Gentoo Linux Users.
> The following sentence is no longer true:
> "Alternatively, Dan Armak provides KDE CVS ebuilds for
> Gentoo at http://cvs.gentoo.org/~danarmak/kde-cvs.html"
> This URL does no longer exist.
> Dan Armak left the Gentoo project (temporarly) and passed maintainership
> of the KDE CVS ebuilds on to Caleb Tennis (caleb at gentoo.org) who
> maintains the KDE CVS ebuild at http://dev.gentoo.org/~caleb/kde-cvs.html
> since early August.

Okay, I've updated the information. Thanks!

PS: Report issues about the Kopete website at kopete-devel at kde.org
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