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Diego Iastrubni iastrubn at actcom.co.il
Thu Sep 4 22:55:48 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I have been talking with Chris for a few weeks and he managed to make a 
$rtl=true on the php scripts which makes the web site behave like 
QApplication::reverseLayout(). Basicly it did most of the work however there 
are some problems. As he has no time to spear for me (and he keeps forgetting 
what I am asking... ;) I post here.

I made a new site for kde-il and it will be the official one as soon as i 
finish it and it look "good enough" (tm). http://www.kde.org/il/testing-dir/

a few comments:
1) the "konquer the desktop" is left aligned, should be right.

2) the borders of the page (info download, search) have the same problem. (not 
that each css style has it's own problems, i will leave it to you to check 
you which one has which bug).

3) the "kde family" bar is defined as <li>, the markers are outside the bar 
and leak into the main part of the web site, looks like *&@$!$$. Again, look 
on it under deferent styles and different browsers to see how it looks.

4) i have sent Chris the po for the translations (apparently you have a large 
part of the site using i18nm which is good). He did not yet put it in use. 
It's available in the cvs under kde-i18n/he/messages/www.kde.org/, or just 
use the web cvs 

5) the header looks bad also.

note that most of this bugs are problems in the css. So I asked for a local 
css dir, in which I will experiment without messing the whole site, and then 
committing it back up to the main site. 



- diego
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