Unable to continue our CVSup mirror

Milo Hyson milo at cyberlifelabs.com
Thu Sep 4 16:23:33 UTC 2003

The hardware on which our CVSup mirror (kde.cyberlifelabs.com) is hosted 
has been reassigned to other tasks. Unless you know of anyone who would 
be willing to donate a 1U server we'll have to discontinue the mirror 
altogether. I truely regret having to do this especially since there are 
no others listed in North America. We also seem to have been one of the 
more popular mirrors -- I've received emails from people all over 
claiming ours is the fastest and most reliable.

I'll keep the service up for another week before taking it offline. 
Sorry we couldn't have done more for the project.

Milo Hyson
CyberLife Labs

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