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A long time ago we anounced a competition for a new website logo. Jason 
set up a site to show the entries, but somehow the vote on the logos 
never happened. The new website logos seem to have a similar fate as the 
styles - originally it was decided to have a vote for them, then after 
people have put work into it, nothing happens.

I asked on this list whether whether I could help, but didn't receive an 
answer. The other website maintainers have also been very quiet in the 
last months. Chris Howells was the only one actively working on the site, 
without being a maintainer. It would be nice to know whether all three 
maintainers are temporarily short of time, or whether most of them have 
lost interest in maintaining.

If there are no objections, I will go ahead and organize the voting on 
website logo and default style myself, as I don't think it would be fair 
tothe contributors to wait any longer. I would also like to go ahaed and 
create some custom logos for some of the subdomains, which I can only do 
after the vote.

There was already a poll on on the style, 
( but I hesitate to suggest 
that we could simply pick the winner "Blue mellow" as new 
default style, because I am the author that style. Therefore I suggest to 
have a parallel vote on both the style and the logo if there are no 


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