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On Wednesday 03 September 2003 14:55,Itai Seggev  wrote:
> Hey guys. I never got a reply to my previous email of about a week ago. Do
> I need to resend it?

If you sent it to webmaster at www.kde.org then you didn't get a reply since it's 
the wrong e-mail address. Please use webmaster at kde.org. They're not the same!

So please re-send it, yes.

> Anyway, here ar4e some more questions and comments. 
> 1) In the section Promotion, 2nd setence, an "and" is missing before
> "LUGs." Being the last item of a list, in needs an and infront.


> 2) In the list on the end of this same section, I'm confused by
>     *  reporting any KDE-related stories in the local media
>       * reporting local businesses and other organizations in your local
> area that are using KDE
> Is this saying that you sould be reporting to KDE Promo on news stories
> and local businesses that have adopted KDE, or that you should be
> attempting to get articles into the local media about KDE and businesses
> which have adopt it? Either way, I think they need to be clarified.

> 3) In the last item of the list, I think "distributing" would be better
> than "offering".

Fixed, thanks.

> 4) At the end of the section Documentation, the first link
> (http://docs.kde.org/index_head.htm) is broken. I think it's simply
> missing an "l" at the end.

This seems to be fixed already.

> 5) In the section "Translation", an "h" is missing from the closing tag of
> the title, i.e., you have:  <h3><a name="Translation">Translation</a></3>
>                                                                        ^
>                                                         need an "h" here.

This seems to be fixed.

> 6) In the intro paragraph to the section "Coding", "preferable" should be
> "preferably".


> 7) In the section "Patches", "easening" should be "easing."


Thanks for your help!

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