Need help with's filter status pages

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Mon Sep 1 18:29:50 UTC 2003

(Please CC me!)

I have a problem, as the KOffice Web pages have been updated to the new KDE 

I have two pages (however only one for the moment) that are generated with the 
help of XSLT. Therefore these pages absolutely need the <html> and </html> 
tags. These tags cannot be included by PHP.

Back when the new look was discussed, I had already asked to have special 
includes. So the question is now: how do I do it?

CVS: www/areas/koffice/filters/1.2/index.php

The other page that is generated by this way has been convert normally, so in 
fact I cannot currently generate it.
CVS: www/areas/koffice/filters/status.php

Please CC your answer to me, as I am not subscribed to kde-www. Thank you in 
advance for your help!

Have a nice day!

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