Distribute VIO Mini Garden with a drop of water !

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Sun Jun 29 22:26:40 UTC 2003

To: Marketing Dept.
From: VIO System/ California, USA

We're sorry to disturb you with this message, but
nowadays, there are not many products to distribute because
all the products are already introduced by multi national
companies.   But we have products that will help you gaining
market share quickly and connect to fast financial

All you need is just a few drop of water. Inside the box,
there is a VIO Angel Hair Pellet, one Container and Seed Strip,
and all you need is water.
Also, this is not a seasonal product, this is all season product.

Each Container is coated with VIO Fertilizer, that is a
complete "pro-botic" organic liquid plant food specifically
formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all plants.

Why pay for those outrageous price for Vegetables?
Grow your own Vegetables in your kitchen, it gives you
fresh supply of vegetables as well as decorative effects.
VIO Angel Hair Pellet is one of a kind pellet that no other
products come even close.   

"You can even hang it inside the car".

VIO Mini Garden was developed to assist anybody who wants
to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers from their kitchen,
bedroom, office or anyplace you want. VIO Systems developed
VIO Mini Garden? so that the consumers do not have to spend
so much money on chemically fertilized vegetables, and the price
is cheaper than market products.

Why don't you distribute this remarkable product for the people
who are living in Apartment?

One of the advantages of harvesting vegetables right in your
Kitchen is that you are at least sure these are fresh and free
of toxic pesticides. What's more, freshly picked vegetables
retain much of their natural taste and nutrition, unlike farm
crops that travel a long way from farm to market before reaching
consumers. But how to grow them near your kitchen is a big question,
particularly if you live in the city where space is at a premium.
So where do you plant the vegetables, and how?
VIO Mini Garden Explains all those questions.

If you're interested in learning more, just let us know,
we'll direct you to our wholesale website.


John Lasgow/ VIO System

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