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Luigi Raffaele Cardone (alias Louis) giovanna.aurino at
Mon Jun 2 00:07:43 UTC 2003

Konqueror uses a very capable HTML rendering engine called khtml. This engine is implemented as a KPart and as such, it can be easily used by other KDE programs. 

Features of the HTML rendering component in KDE: 

  1.. HTML4.0 compliance (except for some very minor details). 
  2.. ECMAscript 262 support (JavaScript). We estimate that 90% of the web\'s script work with Konqueror. A few bindings to connect ECMAscript and HTML are still missing to make the rest work, too. 
  3.. Ability to house Java applets. 
  4.. Cascading Style Sheets: 
    a.. CSS1: supported 
    b.. CSS2: mostly implemented, Details about the visual media support can be found here. 
  5.. DOM1, DOM2 and partially DOM3 support in ECMAScript and native C++ bindings. 
  6.. Full support for bidirectional scripts (arabic and hebrew).
  A screenshot can be found here. 
  7.. SSL support (requires OpenSSL). 
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