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Phillip Williams phillipw at
Sun Jun 15 16:16:45 UTC 2003

We are a new online CD-R distribution site to assist in the avocation of
Open Source Software.

Linux CD-R's would like to start offering the KDE Desktop to it
customers.  I am asking that we be placed on your vendors page with the
following information.

Service: Linux CD-R's
Typical Price: 0.99 - 9.99 USD
Donate to KDE: Yes
Linux CD-R's Sells the binary and source version of KDE for only .99 USD
each.  We also sell a multi CD set including all current Binary's and
Linux CD-R's will donate 10% for every KDE CD-ROM set sold back to the
KDE Project. 
Once I have received your answer we will publish our KDE section.  I
also will need to know where and how to process donation to the KDE

Thank you,
Phillip Williams
Owner /
13354 Carrington Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44135-4962
Phone: 1(216)252-2404
phillipw at

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