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Fri Jun 6 00:50:37 UTC 2003

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On Thursday June 05, 2003 04:46, Timothy R. Butler wrote:
> > I know several people who have dealt with FT and AFAIK they have
> > unanimously concluded that KDE dealing with FT is not a good idea.  We
> > don't need better arguments at all, I don't think there is much point
> > in going into details here and raise possible legal issues and
> > lawsuits or what-not.  Suffice it to say KDE and FT have not worked
> > well together in the past.
>   IIRC, isn't FT the company that hired Mosfet and then never paid for
> the contract work he did on Liquid? Definitely not a reputable company.

Wouldn't that be a great way for a fired employee to get revenge, say that 
he never got paid?

KDE must tread carefully here.

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