Datschge datschge at
Thu Jun 5 14:04:31 UTC 2003

>> I wrote:
>> What I'm also missing there is a quick way to find out where in what areas
>> KDE promoters live. Building up something like that supporting the creation
>> of local KUGs (KDE User Groups) would be really great.

> Eva Brucherseifer wrote:
> Actually atm promoters are mainly developers/translaters/etc who spread the 
> word where they live. As for the location, some time ago 
> was created for that, but unfortunately the site is broken (try the links).
> Maybe it can be revived?

That would be really great to revive it and extend on it.

Please note that I'm using "promoter" interchangeable with "fan" and 
"enthusiast", we should it make easier for those people [us] to find 
likeminded people in the same area. I'm sure such a service alone would be 
great promotion for KDE in many cases (and surely eventually lead to more 
contributions as well).

Chris Howells seems to be credited as sole contributor to that site over one 
year ago. Any chance picking it up again and making it work?

Regards, Datschge

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