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Datschge datschge at
Thu Jun 5 13:37:14 UTC 2003

Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
> I think your new page should be moved to, with
> the paypal page becoming a sub-page.


> I would also like to suggest some small layout improvements:
> 1. The xhtml won't validate if you have several quicklinks-sections, but
> you can add one big quicklinks-section on top of the page, as described
> in
> (See for an example how it
> should look like.)

Ok, this actually looks like a great improvement anyway, so just implement it. 

> 2. For external links, use a simple list. It is confusing to have links to
> other pages in a quicklinks-section, which should only contain
> page-internal links.


> 3. Remove the <hr /> tags to make it look consistent with other KDE pages.

I added those since I found no other way to better split those main groups 

> Content-wise, I can't think of any improvements.

Include Mark's wordsmithing at

I'll probably suggest further sections for inclusion as soon as they are 
actually existing and working (stuff like group creating changelog using KDE 
CVS ML, bug squadron for closing useless and duplicate bugs etc.)

> Do you wish me to commit
> your page to the web site (including the suggested layout fixes)?

Sure, just go ahead. This way I don't need to bug someone else to do just that 
anymore, great. ;) Be sure to remove the base href string and clean up all 
respective anchor links. Thanks. =)

Cheers, Datschge

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