[kde-promo] Support KDE page

Datschge datschge at gmx.de
Wed Jun 4 17:58:04 UTC 2003

Mark Bucciarelli wrote:
> Wow, really great!  Where do you see this ending up--somewhere on 
> www.kde.org?

It's intended to end up there, yes. I want it to be a central "all information 
you need" starting point regarding the topic "supporting KDE" to which 
everyone can refer others to. Right now information on "supporting KDE" is 
scattered on at least four independent pages on www.kde.org, some of them 
hidden away multi level deep, as well as many other KDE sites.

When it's complete I'm going to ask the i18n teams to create local 
versions/translations of that page which all should be interlinked in the 

> I had some suggestions for tasks you could add to the promotion 
> section.  Might be helpful to order them from smallest to largest 
> time committment.

I extended the section a little, but in general that what you wrote should be 
available as extensive and detailed introductory text on promo.kde.org. What 
I'm also missing there is a quick way to find out where in what areas KDE 
promoters live. Building up something like that supporting the creation of 
local KUGs (KDE User Groups) would be really great.

> typo: share informations --> share information

Fixed, thx.

> Finally, I think it would be helpful to put a link to the kde-promo 
> subscription page.

It's already there (is there a better way wording a link to a mailing list 
than "More information on the KDE-Promo mailing list"?).

Regards, Datschge

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