Policy for contributions to www.kde.org

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Thu Jan 30 23:32:36 UTC 2003


I also do not think the one-license model is workable.  We already have enough
of a hard time getting people to improve kde.org, forcing a religion on them is
not the way to improve that.  OTOH a guidlines of acceptable licenses would be a
good approach.

I also would prefer that we not force that the text be modifiable.  E.g., the
GNU Public License (the license itself) is not modifiable, yet I do not think we
want to ban it from kde.org.  There are other things like that - think for
example of the KDE eV statutes, those cannot just be changed by anyone.  The
examples of corporate logos have also been mentioned.  Another one I have
personal experience with is the press releases - I do not think people providing
quotes for example will ever agree that you can change them to say whatever you

I also do not think that any "automatic" license scheme is enforceable.  I think
par. b/c of the abuse by media conglomerates it now takes some rather informed
consent to give up or license your copyrights.  Good thing in general, whether
it is good for KDE or not is another question . . . .

How to resolve all these issues is difficult and explains why currently the
licensing is not as clear as one would hope.  I wish I had a good suggestion
:-/.  The best I can come up with is when people contribute ask them to be
explicit about a license, but in many cases that will not be possible (e.g., LWE
logo on the front page, etc.).



Marc Mutz wrote:
> On Thursday 30 January 2003 02:21, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> <snip>
> > I think we need one, to ensure that the contributions we receive are
> > permanent and not subject to the contributors will ("ah no, you can't
> > use it anymore, remove it").
> <snip>
> That can't be prohbited anyway. You'd need a copyright assignment to
> make that permanent and as you know (cf. Hamburg meeting), that's not
> possible within the droit d'auteur model.
> Marc

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