wwwtesting ready for final test drive ;)

Jason Bainbridge JaseOne at myrealbox.com
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I agree on the one paragraph bit, I will make an experimental change locally on that tonight and post some screenshots.

For the page navigation links/anchors what I am thinking now that you reminded me that Inform and Search are headings not links, that we move them with their current background to the top of the page just below those headings and shrink the height of the div they are in quite considerably. I'll experiement with this as well tonight.


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[Jason Bainbridge]
> I've been thinking do we really need the "Conquer your desktop" blurb
> at the top of the home page? It really reads like something that
> belongs on the "What is KDE" page and shifts the regularly updated
> content too far down.

You are right. Most of it can be removed or moved to "What is KDE".
I think the first paragraph should stay, though, as it makes a good 

I would also slightly rephrase it: "<b>KDE</b> is a powerful Open Source 
graphical desktop environment for Unix and Linux workstations. It 
combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and outstanding 
graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating 

> also I think the links for  Latest Announcements, Latest News, Latest
> Applications could be moved up into the empty space within the blue bar
> along with the Inform link on the left and the search on the right, that
> will also move up the content.

If you come up with an intuitive solution, I am very much in favour of 
this change, and we should then extend it to all KDE pages with more than 
one section. I use similar navigation links in 

But it might be difficult to do it well, as "Inform" and "Search" are 
titles, not links. Having both links and titles there would be confusing 
- - unless we color the links, that is.


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