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Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Mon Jan 27 20:56:39 UTC 2003

I think it was on core-devel that this discussion originally happened, but 
this list seems more appropriate.

I just saw the "don't hold us accountable for the binary packages" statement 
on, i.e.:

Please note that the KDE Project makes these packages available from the KDE 
web site as a convenience to KDE users. The KDE Project is not responsible 
for these packages as they are provided by third parties - typically, but not 
always, the distributor of the relevant distribution - using tools, 
compilers, library versions and quality assurance procedures over which the 
KDE project has no control. If you cannot find a binary package for your OS, 
or you are displeased with the quality of binary packages available for your 
system, please read the KDE Binary Package Policy and/or contact your binary 
package / OS vendor. 

Could that be made more concise -- by tomorrow?  Or at least could we get some 
<b> tags in there for the most relevant parts?  These guys are in a frenzy to 
get to these packages at this point, I really doubt they're going to read all 
of the above.


"Please note the the KDE Project does not produce these packages (or anything 
but source packages), and is not responsible for their content." <link to 
packaging policy>

I'd be nice if people are actually reading the statement rather than 
ceremoniously skipping over it EULA-style.


-Scott (who goes back to ansering adopt-a-geek email)

I mean, if 10 years from now, when you are doing something quick and dirty, 
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