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Mon Jan 27 10:15:45 UTC 2003

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[Christoph Cullmann]
> Perhaps you could try to ask some of the KDE e.V. about that. As far as
> I know you need that link somewhere because of german right, but
>  a) I don't know if we need it on each page
>  b) I am not sure if it needs to be named "Impressum"
> Therefor, if you can provide me with some facts about a) and b) I will
> surely remove/alter/move ... that link as I don't like it, too ;)

According to German law, every site needs an impressum saying who is 
responsible for the page, with the full name, e-mail and telephone number 
of at least one responsible person, plus other information depending on 
who runs the site. This is true for any site that is either commercial, 
or which could be interpreted in any way to be slightly related to 
anything commercial, or which belongs to any organization or association. 
This is certainly true for kde.org, which is registered by KDE e.V.

The impressum page must be easily found, but there is no necessity to have 
it on any page. 


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