Fwd: kde.org redesign

Christoph Cullmann chrcul at studcs.uni-sb.de
Mon Jan 27 08:08:54 UTC 2003

>No, I did work while you and Faubel threw your fits.  You and Faubel
>me all kinds of names, especially on IRC.  You repeatedly told me to go

>So now here we are, with you and Faubel getting your way, and you being
>most active of the three volunteer maintainers, and you're still on my
>case.  Do you not want to maintain the site?

You have gone away ? Interesting, wasn't it you who stated in december
that the redesign is failed ?
Wasn't it you that delayed the whole stuff with your again and again
copyright disscussion ? Your insults that we ignore your draft just out
of fun ?
And now, after I had to read 100ths of mails in the last months about
the whole stuff, mostly from the nice flame wars threads we had here on
kde-www and the real work has began, you say you have left and don't do
any work ? You mean in the end that whole discussion with you here and
in IRC was just senseless as you
won't help even a bit as we haven't taken your draft ? We have made that
much compromises just for "fine, do it alone" ?

Nice, than leave, cu, bye, but please stop to send here mails like
"could we/should we/why does we/copyright/......" as we means (as you do
nothing) in the end me or the others.

About maintainership of kde.org: I like to maintain and fix the page,
that has nothing to do with this list.

I don't like it if people who first implied the will to help with the
work now only come up with testing and bugreports and tell me something
from there destroyed ego.

I don't have anything against if here come mails from helpers,
developers, users, kde e.V. people, ... (like Hamish, Andreas, .....),
that's the reason we have that list for.

In short: Why i am still on your case  ? Because you have annoyed me
months with your whole style/copyright/.. discussions and now you do
nothing. I don't dislike something more than talk first a lot about how
and when and why something should be done and than leave if it needs to
be done.


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