kde.org redesign

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Mon Jan 27 02:28:47 UTC 2003

Christoph Cullmann wrote:

> Perhaps you could try to ask some of the KDE e.V. about that. As far as I know
> you need that link somewhere because of german right, but
>  a) I don't know if we need it on each page
>  b) I am not sure if it needs to be named "Impressum"
> Therefor, if you can provide me with some facts about a) and b) I will surely
> remove/alter/move ... that link as I don't like it, too ;)

Well I can't imagine why KDE eV's "Impressum" has to be there - assuming for the
moment that KDE eV had anything to do with www.kde.org.  B/c for example the
Munich English Language Teachers' Association e.V. at its own website
(http://www.melta.de/) does not list such a thing.

And even if it had to be listed, one could bury it in a sublink on the KDE eV
page, rather than display it prominently on the front page.  We already have the
KDE eV link on the front page.

So I don't think it is worth writing an email for discussion about it -
discussions on KDE eV never have much of a defined ending point so its not
particularly helpful to ask such questions there.  If someone corrects us that
we can switch it back or if someone yells at you tell them it was my fault and
to write me.

> > Looks like we are getting close, great job, everyone :-).
> nice, think Sebastian will be glad to hear that, too ;)



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