Fwd: kde.org redesign

Tink tink at kde.org
Sun Jan 26 22:46:14 UTC 2003

At 23:31 +0100 26/01/03, Christoph Cullmann wrote about Re: Fwd: 
kde.org redesign:

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|> Thanks ;-)
|> Don't know yet. I working on some new ideas for the people section
|> but am currently recovering from our move from California to France.
|> It will be another month before something new will appear.

|As the people of kde page has a totally different layout than the rest, can I
|outsource it to areas/people with a link from the mainmenu to it ?

Sure Christoph whatever you think is right. I was just making sure it 
was still there, as many websites are linked to it.

When I started there was no styleguide or style requirement for 
kde-websites. I did ask but was told to do as I pleased ;-) But I 
understand it doesn't fit in the current corporate/business look.


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